Marco Alfandary and Isabelle Guyon

Assemblage, 1995
Recyclables on Board, Gold Spray and Acrylics
21" x 24"

Studio #21 Information


by Marco Alfandary and Isabelle Guyon

Marco Alfandary is a 7-year old Berkeley artist who works in the studio of Isabelle Boser-Guyon, her French 34-year old aunty. Marco and Isabelle selected items from their recycling bin to compose this collage which is about 21 time 24 inches big. The items are assembled on a board and glued, hence the name assemblage. Gold spray and acrylic colors were applied.

Marco has also produced a large collection of flower drawings and other assemblages. Isabelle has been painting and making collages since childhood. She has presented her work at several exhibitions, collective or personal back when she lived in Paris. Now that she lives in Berkeley, she enjoys participating to the Pro-Art Berkeley studio open house. It is her second year, but is is Marco's first experience.

Isabelle can be reached by email at:

LanMinds or the artist with comments, requests, and questions.